Land Survey Services In Costa Rica

Alexander Arce is an independent, licensed Costa Rican land surveyor with over 15 years of experience in Costa Rica and the United States.

He is bilingual (English/Spanish), and recently served as Chief Field Engineer for a major industrial construction project in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

He have really good experience with AS BUILD, ALTA, TELEPHONE TOWER, TUNEL

Here in Costa Rica, he has worked with the National Park Service as well as a wide range of private clients, including Costa Ricans and foreigners buying and selling land in Costa Rica, NGOs, foreign investors and those who have settled here and have questions regarding their existing property.

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Alexander Arce

GPS services

We have GPS Promark 2, accuracy horizantal 0.005m and vertical 0.010m of post-processed

GPS Leica 1200 double frequency, system GNSS, accuracy horizantal 0.005m and vertical 0.010m RTK