Forestry Services

  1. Certificate of Origin
    • Forest plantation
    • Harvest pruning and thinning
    • Agroforestry systems
  2. Georeferenced forest inventories
    • Forest management plan
    • Primary or virgin forest
    • Secondary forest
  3. Forest plantation assessments
    • Timber availability
    • Timber assessment
    • Forest sampling
  4. Sustainable forest exploitation
    • Logging and forest harvesting
    • Road mapping
  5. Timber sales
    Standing trees
  6. Environmental Feasibility Studies
    D1 and D2
    Environmental Impact Assessment
    Environmental regency
  7. Tree nurseries
  8. Pruning and thinning of forest plantations
  9. Forest assessments for road mapping purposes
  10. Reforestation plans
    Tree planting
    Plantation management and maintenance
  11. Eng. Oscar Gerardo Arguedas


Forestry ServicesServicios Forestales

Forestry services